SKIN79 Super Plus BB CREAM Orange spf 50

Summer is finally arrived and the days are getting hotter! It's finally time to stay outdoors! 
I wanna enjoy the open air but I also want to protect my fair face from sun rays and UVA/UVB damages. 
The solution to all my “troubles” comes in an orange tube: 
a daily moisturizer, a foundation and a sun block, all in one!
What product I'm talking about??

The magic product is my new Vital Orange Super Plus BB CREAM from SKIN79
I'm sure you've probably heard a lot about BB creams in the past few months, but in case you still don't know what these amazing skin creams are and do, here it's a little explanation!


BB creams are a type of tinted skin treatment that became a phenomenon in Korea and quickly spread to Japan, China, South East Asia and has made its way to Europe and the USABB creams are similar to a tinted moisturizer but they do a lot more! 
Infact they contain high-performance treatments like anti-agers, antioxidants, brighteners and botanical actives combined with high-level sunscreen, coverage, and moisture!!!! Amazing, aren't' they??!!

Korean BB creams generally come in just one or two shade, usually really light shades (about NC20 in MAC makeup terms!). For this reason, I don't recommend BB creams for anyone with medium to dark skin tone, because you will look like a ghost! 
For darker skin tones, I recommend trying out American/Western BB creams that usually have a lot more shades but are more similar to tinted moisturizers.

Believe it or not, this product is totally changing my summer!!! I don't need anymore to use daily moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation because this multi-function product itself does everything in just one easy step! 
The cream is very moisturizing but lightweight at the same time and soaks almost immediately into the skin; plus, it has SPF 50 that is perfect for my fair skin! The smell is good too, with a citrus scent and the fact that contains vitamin C is another great aspect!
I don't know if you can tell by these photos (in which of course I'm wearing my BB cream!) but since I have start using this amazing product my skin actually looks a lot brighter and clearer than it did before and the light formula allows my skin to breathe more than a normal foundation does!
This is my absolute favorite skincare product for this summer! 
Since it’s not easy to find a good tinted moisturizer that contains also SPF and actives ingredients I’m really happy I finally discovered this one!!!!
Did you already know BB creams?? Which are your favourite brands? And your best SPF moisturisers? Let me know!!!!! ;)

love, Francesca

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  1. very useful post; i am seeing BB creams all the time in cosmetic shops and I am wondering whether to purchase one, because normally i don't use foundation, but in case this is the light version, sounds just perfect, can you advise sth about the price range, how much was yours for example, thanks :)

    1. I got mine from Ebay because it's not easy to find original Korean bb creams in shops! I paid mine about 16$ with free shipping that I think it'a very reasonable price compared to a lot of foundations! hope it is helpful!

  2. i love the packaging! and it seems like a great product.

    <3 katherine

  3. Love the pics! and love your blog!
    Amazing details!!!

    Love Oana:)

  4. i can try it ;)

  5. hi francesca thanks so much for following me, i am of course now following you back, i love the bb cream i have an estee lauder one and i find it really good, you have such beautiful skin, love the photos, kisses from your new irish follower, xxx leonie

  6. Perfect post :))


  7. you remind me a lot of that youtube beauty guru, i think her channel is called all that glitters, you're both so similar! x) i've been wanting to try this bb cream, let me know how that works out for you ^-^ love * Monstros no Armário

    1. Ah ah thank you!! What a big compliment!! She is Elle from AllThatGlitters21 on YT!!! ;)
      I love this BB cream!! I think it's perfect for everyday use, especially in the hot season when you also need sun protection!!!! On my skin it's smooth and radiant!!! It gives me a bright and healthy complexion!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  8. This looks great! I really like BB creams :)

    Your blog is gorgeous, following you now :)

    Laura xo

  9. that good post! These beautiful!

    kisses :D

  10. Beautiful look!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  11. Thanks for introducing me to BB creams! I need to get some ASAP! Super cute blog! Following you now :) xoxo

  12. love the bottle it comes in!
    so cute!



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